Healthy Skin for Life

Let Me Teach You

Bio Electro Peeling Gives You the best Possible Tool to Help Your Clients. Bio Electro Peeling is Relaxing, Agreeable & Stimulating. 

Enjoy and Relax

Beautiful Skin comes from a gentle and profond treatment which leaves Your Skin with a beautiful Glow .

The Treatment is in two phases

First a peeling and the Hydration of Your Skin

Very close to the Eyes

You can Use Bio Electro Peeling very very close to the Eyes and directly onto the Lips.

Keep Your Skin Beautiful

Be confident in yourself and strive to be the best you can be!

Face but Also Hands

Our Hands are often forgotten, so lets not forget them -- a combination of Face and Hands is a winner for everybody.

Take special Care of Your Neckline

The Bio Electro Peeling can be Used to enhance Your Neckline.